About TraDove

Introducing TraDove

TraDove is the premier B2B social network. We make it fast, safe and easy for buyers and sellers around the world to connect.

While social networking has become part of our lives, some sites suit our personal interests and others serve basic professional needs. Until now, no social network has been designed for B2B buyers and sellers.

TraDove provides effective social-networking features – and an effective platform for B2B buying and selling.

By removing barriers and providing opportunities in sourcing, importing, exporting, purchasing and beyond, TraDove is changing the way we do business one connection at a time.

Spanning both local and global markets, TraDove operates with a commitment to help corporate buyers and sellers make deals.

By focusing on what buyers and sellers need and providing a unique, effective platform, TraDove stands out as a global trade magnet where you can establish productive relationships at any moment.

What’s more, it costs nothing to register.

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Benefits for Buyers and Suppliers


  • • Identify new suppliers and vendors using the power of global b2b networking
  • • Communicate with suppliers and producers
  • • Improve vendor management with existing suppliers
  • • Increase your foreign trade and market intelligence through updates about companies that provide products or services
  • • Interact with your colleagues, whether they’re buyers or other stakeholders
  • • Discuss areas of common interest with suppliers and other buyers
  • • Manage risk in your supply chain through better market intelligence and supplier visibility
  • • Obtain endorsements, reviews and recommendations for suppliers, which is especially important for foreign trade


  • • Find customers around the world and expand your sales markets
  • • Communicate with and send proposals to one potential customer or to several at once
  • • Locate sources of equipment, raw material and other resources to produce what you provide
  • • Maintain better communication with existing customers
  • • Increase your foreign trade and market intelligence by getting updates about companies that purchase products or services
  • • Interact with other suppliers, potential customers and others who share common interests such as sourcing and international trade
  • • Obtain references, reviews, and recommendations for yourself and potential customers.

TraDove makes it simple and safe for buyers to collaborate more easily with colleagues, other buyers and new suppliers to drive innovation that delivers real value.

Similarly, TraDove allows suppliers to communicate more easily with potential and current customers. By removing common initial networking barriers and creating vast opportunities for enhanced and continued dialogue, TraDove opens up an entirely new social world of B2B trading.

Get these benefits now by registering at www.tradove.com

Main Features and Functions

  • • Establish detailed profiles for buyers, sellers, products, services and companies
  • • Search by keyword for buyers, sellers, products/services and companies
  • • Communicate quickly and directly using the TraDove messaging feature
  • • Invite your address book, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo contacts to join
  • • Send out and respond via one-to-one (Biz Channel) and one-to-many (Biz Posting) business proposals

  • • Conduct private discussions with TraDove members
  • • Provide and receive endorsements for buyers, sellers, products/services, companies, vendors, importers and more
  • • Form various groups based on interests, companies, industries and more
  • • Build tiered relationships among buyers and sellers with your own "Loops" and "Contacts"
  • • Provide potential customers with marketing collateral, special promotions, new product information and other content
  • • Follow buyers, sellers, products/services and companies for regular updates
  • • Connect with international trade opportunities quickly and efficiently for sourcing, importing, exporting, selling, and buying
  • • Gain the best insights about how to export and import goods
  • • Identify companies to trade with and establish strong B2B relationships through our easy-to-use platform
  • • Get an edge on the competition with valuable leads in global sourcing and foreign trade

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Registration and Approval

Registration and Approval

Because we’re building a productive B2B community, every member is required to register and provide basic information such as their company email address, name, job title, company web site, and member type (buyer, seller or other). This information will be assessed by TraDove to ensure that our online community is an effective B2B trading environment.

Once your application is approved, we will email you instructions to activate your account and start using TraDove.


Once you are approved, you can login with your email and password. If you forget your password, click “Forgot Password” and we will reset it for you.

Register today at www.tradove.com