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Oct 26 2020 Kent Yan

5 Tips for Smarter Procurement

Procurement is the foundation of the supply chain -- and smart, efficient procurement can help set companies up for less hassle and, more importantly, higher profits. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the most impactful procurement tips:

1. Details Matter

In order to plan and budget for procurement, familiarizing yourself with the smaller, even minute, cost details can help improve your overall procurement plan. This information is important in order to understand what your costs should look like, and provides helpful data for future decision-making and cost-analysis.

2. Understand the Bigger Picture

Learn about how procurement and the procurement process will impact the overall success of your company. This means understanding how costs will affect profit margins, and how your role in procurement impacts your company. Understanding this relationship relies heavily upon how well you manage risk.In the long run, such knowledge will help you gain more trust and authority within your institution.

3. Think Outside the Box

Plenty of professionals stick to the status quo and don’t think to look to other industries for advice or inspiration. This is not necessarily the best strategy, however, and looking to other industries to learn how they are managing procurement can be an excellent way to ensure your company is doing things the best way. Take inspiration from innovation outside your industry, and ensure your company’s procurement process is as smart and advanced as it can be.

4. Use Social Media to Make New Connections

Another excellent way to discover new strategies and make new connections with buyers and suppliers is to utilize social media. Sites like TraDove are specifically designed to help buyers and sellers from a variety of industries make connections and help each other to make their businesses thrive. TraDove connects you to relevant businesses and helps you foster a relationship in order to mutually benefit each other’s businesses.

5. Build Risk Mitigation into Your Strategy

As supply chains have become increasingly complex and involved, risk management has emerged as one of the largest components of procurement management in recent years. To help mitigate risk, consider failure in your design. Design for efficient and timely procurement, but don’t cut corners when it comes to the security of your supply chain.


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Kent Yan

Founder and CEO - TraDove, Inc. - Palo Alto - California - United States

Founder and CEO at TraDove, Inc.

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