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Nov 09 2020 Simon Cheng

Does Social Media Hurt Workplace Productivity?

Social media has become a staple of everyday life for countless individuals and organizations alike. But that doesn’t mean people don’t still have their doubts about it. For business owners and their management teams, the question of whether social media should be allowed in the workplace at all has become an increasingly discussed topic. Business owners want to know whether allowing social media in the workplace could possibly hurt productivity, or whether it can help their employees be more active and engaged at work.

The Cons of Social Media in the Workplace

In certain circumstances, social media can be seen as a distraction. Individuals working in the customer service industry, for instance at a restaurant, may not benefit from social media being allowed in the workplace. This is because their job doesn’t necessarily entail networking, researching, or communicating with people outside of the job itself. In these cases, social media can certainly be a strain on productivity - but that isn’t the case most of the time.


The other issue business owners fear when determining whether or not to allow social media in the workplace involves interpersonal issues among colleagues. If an employee posts something that another employee doesn’t like and an online argument breaks out, that has the potential to create tension in the workplace, which is a drain on productivity.

The Pros of Social Media in the Workplace

The success of many companies depends on how well its employees and management network, communicate with customers, and market online. Social media provides the perfect place for all of these integral functions, making it an exemplary tool for businesses, as long as they use it correctly.


Social media sites like TraDove help connect buyers and sellers within their industries, helping them to make better connections with new companies to improve their business. Businesses that share information to their Facebook pages tend to have better customer engagement and tend to be considered more trustworthy and dependable.

Creating a Company Social Media Policy May Be the Answer

Even though social media is an excellent tool, it is important to have a policy in place to ensure your team knows what is expected.  Along with this policy, sprinkle in some tailored training on how to best use social media for workplace productivity. In the end, this may be the most effective way to ensure that your organization (and every individual within it) is able to reap the fullest benefits of social media without suffering any of the potential setbacks.

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