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Oct 27 2021 Vivek Vishwakarma

Form Fill Seal Equipment continues to witness robust demand across various industries as it reduces contamination during production and improves packaging

Form fill seal equipment or FFS, machinery plays a crucial part in the manufacturing of products. In particular, they are automated mechanical pieces of industrial machinery which operate on a large packaging production line. As the title suggests, these FFS machines first aid the formation of the package, and then they seal it securely so it is able to be delivered to the store. The machine has a robotic arm with sharp blades that cut the edges of the envelope in line with the contours of the box. A valve, or a set of valves, allows this process to continue by closing after the item has been successfully packaged.

There are numerous benefits to using this type of machinery. Firstly, they offer a level of automation at the packing plant, allowing for fewer packaging materials being required, thereby reducing waste. Secondly, the machines reduce packaging costs as they do not need to hold packaging materials such as paper. This leads to significant cost savings as the machines only need a limited amount of space and energy. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of applications for VFFS machines. However, there are also several limitations in the machines that should be considered when using them.

Probably the most common application of this type of machine is to fill horizontal envelope packages. As the name suggests, these horizontal form fill seal equipment are designed specifically to fill horizontal boxes. Horizontal boxes, also known as shipping cartons, are those used in international trade and in shipping services. Using these products will prevent the horizontal boxes from bending or tearing which could damage the items. This type of packaging type needs to have a special solution for liquid spillage or fluid leakage.

A typical solution is to use VFFS machines to add the adhesive. Since these machines use heat to melt the adhesive, it is recommended to use a good quality ink with the machines. Ink is very important as the adhesive will adhere only to the ink if it is of good quality. Good quality ink will resist the bonding process between the VFFS bonding agent and box, which is why it is important to use ink with this type of machine. Thick or appropriate ink is needed for these machines.

A drawback of using horizontal packaging types is their lower production rates. Since the machines can bond the horizontal boxes very fast, it takes long hours to complete the filling operation than normal. For small operations, this may not be a problem, however, for larger operations that need to ship lots of products in large quantities, slower production rates can affect the company's bottom line. Another disadvantage is that using horizontal packaging types requires more manpower as well, which can increase operating costs.

Vertical form fill seal equipment is another popular method of sealing boxes and packages. As these machines work by pushing the package down through the sealer, their production rates are much faster than horizontal machines. These types of machines are also ideal for applications where the packages have to be opened multiple times. Since the vertical machines do not have to be moved as often, they are less expensive to operate.

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