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Dec 16 2020 Prince Sharma

Getting Your First Chandelier? Read This to Make the Perfect Buy

Chandeliers are categorized as elite interior decorations items that household’s think twice about before purchasing. When this precious item is in the house, it surely becomes the focal point of attention. They immediately enhance the look and feel of your home by refining its beauty and make it more elegant.

These ceiling chandelier lights come in all types of shapes, sizes and styles, with the kind of variety available in the market today, choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. Since they are not your everyday item, it is important to make an informed decision when buying them. Below we have listed the factors that you must consider before buying chandeliers:

  • Price Range

If you do not have a set budget in your mind before you begin shopping for chandeliers online or offline, in more cases than less you will end up splurging more. Also, even if you are not getting a heavily layered crystal chandelier then it is not like it won’t look good in your home. More and more manufacturers have introduced simple designs with modern elements that light up your room as much as the heavily layered ones and cost a fraction of the price.

  • Ceiling Height and Room Space

Experts recommend that if you are going to hang the chandelier right above a centre table or dining table then they should be 12 inches narrower than the centre. Also, they should be 48 inches further from the edges and walls of the room. If the ceiling is 8 foot then the chandelier should be 30-34 inches above from the table and around 90 inches above the floor.

At the same time, you must also pay attention to the room space so that you can get a rough idea of the size that you should buy. If it is a small record then a 5-6 light structure will do whereas if the room is large then you will have to go for a layered crystal chandelier.

  • Material

The material of the chandelier must complement other items in the room. A lot of materials are used to make them like glass, metal, crystals, brass as well as gold. Visualize how it will look in your room so that you can get a clear idea. If your room has a modular setting then modern drop as well as LED chandeliers will look great. On the other hand, if your room has a more ornamental and classical feel to it then crystal as well as shade chandeliers will be perfect.

  • Look Out for The Bulbs

The light from above can cast unpleasant shadows as well as the heat from bulbs can make one uncomfortable. High watt bulbs can lead to striking table glares and cannot create the desired ambient lighting. Candle, globe shaped or flame bulbs are incandescent and anti-glare giving the desired chandelier light that is not too harsh on the guests. Other than these, new age LED options can also be used.

  • Maintenance

An important factor that you must definitely consider before making the purchase is how tough it will be to clean and keep the chandelier in best shape. The small ones are easy to dust off which you can do whereas layered ones need experts who will charge for every visit.

Conclusion: Now that you know the factors you need to consider for buying the perfect chandelier that accentuates the beauty of your room. Please browse extensively for this high-end item online and offline as only when you have seen the products on offer, will you be able to take the right decision.  

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