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Apr 30 2021 Benjamin Williams

Industries Blockchain is Disrupting: Transport & Ride Sharing

Transportation is, in many ways, what unifies the world today. Getting from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently has not only allowed countries to come together, people the freedom to see the world, and enabled global trade, but it has become an industry in itself – and a massive one at that.



Current Problems Facing Transport and Ride Sharing


In most areas of the world, the automobile industry is, for most intents, the face of the transportation sector. But, cars and the exponential rise in personal transportation raise many social questions, particularly when they are contrasted with public transportation.


For instance, what is the capacity of these cars and how much of that is typically occupied? In most cases, a car capable of comfortably seating four people will only be carrying one or two, leaving seats which could otherwise be filled unoccupied on millions of rides per day.


This does, albeit indirectly, lend itself to the discussion on air pollution, climate change, and resource consumption.



Addressing Transport and Ride Sharing Problems with Blockchain


With so many people worldwide passionate about these looming issues, it only makes sense there would be attempts to innovate and prevent them from a social or technological angle. Enter developers seeking to make their contribution with blockchain ridesharing.


Apps to find rides are nothing new, and we’re all familiar with one sort or another around the globe, be it Uber, Lyft, Grab, or another. Uber, perhaps the largest and best known of these, markets itself as a peer-to-peer ridesharing app. In practice, such apps act more in the vein of hiring a private taxi than ridesharing.


Those approaching this industry from a blockchain perspective are looking to distill these sort of apps even more into what they consider true ridesharing. Part of the way they are doing this is by bypassing the rules and terms set by apps already on the market, and allowing the users to make agreements between themselves.


One such agreement that companies are hoping will catch on is users actively combining into carpools. In order to facilitate these agreements, different companies are implementing their own variations on the token reward system, but each use case furthers the goal.



Companies Using Blockchain in the Transport and Ride Sharing Space


One of the earliest entries into the blockchain ridesharing space was La’Zooz, an Israeli company whose app worked in a similar manner to Uber, although used crypto as a method of payment. Additionally, the La’Zooz app did not seek out taxis for a specific destination, but rather people travelling in the same general direction to pool together. In the process, they would arrange their own terms for the ride and then, like an Uber app, the driver would pick up the other riders.

There is a lack of recent news from La’Zooz. However, other companies have thrown their hats into the ring, names like RideCoin and Arcade City. The ridesharing app Lyft also recently announced they were partnering with a blockchain company in March 2019. It would seem there is certainly interest in the potential of this space and we look forward to seeing developments to come!



TraDove’s Blockchain


As blockchain technology continues to find successful use cases in specialized and niche industries, we at TraDove seek to unite these industries together in the B2B sphere. TraDove is developing its own proprietary B2B Blockchain Payment Network which utilizes a currency-pegged token to facilitate fair, secure and transparent B2B transactions around the world.


About TraDove

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