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Nov 29 2021 sharvari gaikwad

Linerless Labels find application in continuous pre-printed reels owing to their eco-friendly nature

Linerless Labels are the latest advancement in the realm of pre-printed paper labels. In many respects, this is a step forward in the direction of eco-friendly packaging, since it prevents the use of tarp or other rigid packing materials. It is also better for the environment, since no tarp or other packaging materials are used to hold the labels up.

The most important benefit of using linerless labels is that it eliminates the need for an adhesive. Lender-installed labels need an adhesive to adhere to the surface of the paper. If the labels are produced with a single sheet of material and a roller ink pad, then the adhesive selection process becomes a simple matter of roller ink type selection, and the amount of adhesive required. If the label is produced with two sheets of material and a roller ink pad, then the adhesive selection process becomes a bit more involved and may require some thought.

Using a roller ink pad applicator in conjunction with the linerless labels reduces the amount of tape required with shipping. This reduced tape also makes packaging easier, since all the tape can be removed at once, reducing opportunities for the tape to mix with the other ingredients in the packaging. In addition, by removing the adhesive from the surface of the labels, all potential adhesive damage from contact with other materials is eliminated. Since adhesive is a potential hazard when handling food products, this is a particularly important benefit of linerless labels.

There are several other advantages to using linerless labels rather than traditional adhesive roll-on labels. Traditional printers absorb ink, and these inks have to be disposed of in a very hazardous manner. The high cost of disposal alone makes the high cost of printing with rolls of adhesive almost justified for use with traditional printers. However, with the introduction of laptop and tablet computers, the need for waste disposal of ink has become significantly less. Since catch-point label printers do not incorporate any type of mechanism that creates a catch-point, there is no chance that it will abrade the paper when it comes in contact with the print head of a linerless labels printer.

There are many uses for linerless labels in the printing industry. They can be used in conjunction with graphic design tools to produce high quality labels for the commercial marketplace. They can also be printed on a hot-coated metal plate to create a magnetic backing which is useful for many home applications. Whatever the application, the high quality results with this newer generation of label printing materials are certain to be appreciated by the labeling industry.

The advantages of using linerless labels for the environment include cost savings, reduced waste, and increased sustainability. It is now possible to utilize a multitude of different types of environmentally friendly and low cost label materials without worrying about the high cost of traditional adhesive labels. Companies can use both low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) in their products, and the end result is a superior quality product that will be appreciated by customers and the environment. LDPE linings have the ability to withstand extreme pressures and are extremely strong and durable.

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