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Mar 25 2022 Igor Gustincic

Manufacturing Management in the 21st Century

Surviving in the fast-paced and competitive world of manufacturing can be difficult, and many manufacturers struggle to survive through economic dips, cost inhibitors, and the mounting pressures of keeping up with their competition. Manufacturers struggle most of all with maintaining the high quality they and their consumers expect. Here are 5 crucial tips to manufacturing management and surviving every challenge you come across. 

1. Out With the Old

Sometimes, you may have a slam-dunk product that sells out every time you put it on the market. But oftentimes, a new design will inspire more interest than the same old products. Manufacturers and suppliers who constantly reevaluate and change their products tend to fare better and gain more interest. People love to see new ideas put into play, and see how you can make your already amazing products even better. 

2. Invest in New Technology

A surefire way to fall behind the times is to be closed off to new technology. Companies that have embraced blockchain have found great success in supply chain management, companies using TraDoveto connect to others in their industry have expanded their networks, and light bulbs can now be controlled through your phone! By investing time and resources into new technology, you can help your business keep up and stay on top. 

3. Maintain and Improve Quality

Unfortunately, products and components can be defective now and then, but for many companies, the rate of defect is far too high. Focusing on identifying where defects happen and keeping defective products out of shipments is key to maintaining your reputation, thereby keeping your company on the map.

4. Reach More Customers

Whether it means looking to advertise outside your current target audience, or creating new products that will appeal to a different market, diversifying your customer base is an important part of manufacturing management. By constantly seeking to find ways to grow and expand, you will ensure your company will live longer and be more profitable. 

5. Implement Daily Maintenance 

While the push to meet quotas and create enough product can be stressful, neglecting to maintain equipment can result in major losses for your company. By implementing a daily or weekly maintenance for your team on the factory floor, you can ensure your machinery will last longer, and prevent potential injury or damage. Delays in manufacturing due to failed or damaged equipment should never become a main concern, so preserving your equipment as well as possible is crucial to success. 

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Igor Gustincic

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