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Aug 30 2021 CMI Blogging

Nursing Care Services Include Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapies, Medical Social Services and Counselling, and Case Management

There are several types of nursing care services available. For a nurse to provide nursing care, one must have a degree in nursing. At-home nursing care services include skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapies, medical social services and counseling, case management, home health attendant services, parenteral and enteral nutritional therapy, behavioral and mental health counseling, and hospice and palliative care.

An interventionist is a nurse that helps patients with interventions. Intervention is the medical term for handling patients in an organized and effective way to help them solve problems. Intervention techniques may involve placing the patient in restraints or applying force if necessary. Once the patient is stabilized, the nurse will then document the intervention. Nursing documentation may be used to help healthcare providers to manage their records. A previous study revealed that nurses valued documentation highly when caring for patients.

Every nursing care services have their own purpose. Nurses work on a variety of tasks and have the flexibility to adapt their tasks according to their patients' needs. Nurses are also trained to handle various emotional states of their patients-emotional stress, anger, fear, and anticipation, just to name a few. Working with these patients can be very challenging. To provide quality nursing care services, residential care homes must meet a variety of government requirements. Registered nurses are the most important staff members and they have a variety of responsibilities including but not limited to taking and reading vital signs of patients, conducting routine assessments of vital signs of residents, and reporting changes in their environments. 

Nursing care services are offered to all residents of long-term care facilities, regardless of the level of care they receive. Providers are also allowed to bill for services when a nonmedical patient is admitted to a hospital for an extended period of time. There are several types of nursing services available. The most common type of nursing service is custodial or supervisory nursing services. Certified nursing assistants work directly with and/or are under the supervision of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed medical personnel. Certified nursing assistants also perform direct patient care under the supervision of other nurses. Other common types of certified nursing assistant services are home confinement, emergency room visits, and inpatient care.

Another common type of nursing care service provided by hospitals is that of direct patient care on an on-call basis. This facility is usually run by a registered nurse, who serves as the direct contact for the patient, has the ability to read patients' vital signs, and can perform basic nursing functions such as applying ointments. On-call registered nurses are generally limited to a handful of duties at any given time and cannot be employed during peak staffing periods, but can be called in whenever an emergency occurs. Most hospitals employ a single registered nurse to serve as the primary direct contact for all in-house nursing services. Many hospitals also have supervisory nurses who can take patients' vital signs, check vital signs, order laboratory tests, prescribe medications, and perform other clerical duties when needed. These nurses are under the direct supervision of a registered professional nurse.

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