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Sep 19 2021 Igor Gustincic

Warehousing in the 21st Century

As e-commerce has grown, so has the need for effective and efficient warehousing. This increase in popularity also means that the storage and distribution of goods has become increasingly complicated and difficult. Here are 4 tips for smarter and more efficient warehousing.

1. Use Data to Inform Organization

Getting your warehouse organized for control and optimization is one of the best ways to start improving your warehouse. Slots should be organized based on a value system, keeping relevant and high-selling products closer to packing stations for easier access and distribution. This simple step is a great way to improve the efficiency of your team and ensure your valuable products are always accounted for.

2. Use Lean Inventory Practices

A great way to improve your warehouse’s efficiency and speed is to adopt lean inventory practices. This means keeping a smaller stock of products, which in turn means your team has fewer products to sort, whether it be in fulfillment or in receiving. See if your suppliers would be willing to deliver smaller deliveries more frequently, or order less safety stock. Reducing your permanent inventory size also helps cut back on mistakes, errors, or safety issues for your team, and will help improve the pace at which your team is able to pick, pack, and fulfill orders.

3. Use Technology for Smarter Connections

Along with the growth of e-commerce, technology and social media have seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years. Companies like TraDove have created social media sites specifically for businesses to connect with one another. You can use TraDove to connect to buyers and sellers in your industry, and foster a relationship. Finding new companies to work with is an excellent way to explore how you can do business more efficiently, and improve your supply chain.

4. Adopt a Labeling System

In order to properly organize your warehouse, try adopting a labeling system. A labeling system helps you to more easily go through your inventory, and helps in the process of picking. Items that are labeled both with SKUs and product information are easier for your team to identify, and help improve organization and distribution processes. If you aren’t sure where to start, try using labeling technology. Something as easy as barcodes and scanners can vastly improve your team’s efficiency.


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