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Jun 17 2021 Abhishek Jain

Why Should You Consider Wordpress To Get Your Business Website Online

The options for developing websites are numerous, and the abundance can leave one spoilt for choice as well! When it comes to developing a business website, the choice of tool or platform has to be done carefully. In recent years, the popularity and usage of CMS tools have shot up significantly. It is no longer uncommon to see developers using CMS tools like WordPress for setting up brand websites. The myth that WP is good only for creating blogging sites has been shattered!

Reasons to Choose Wordpress for Developing Business Websites

WordPress, an open-source CMS based on PHP, is one of the widely used website development platforms. Both freelance developers and reputed web development firms offer WP development solutions for catering to varying types of clients. You may also opt for a dedicated WordPress development company to get your brand website set up. 

Listed below are the reasons for picking WP for developing business websites:

  • Open Source and Free- Web developers can use both and free of cost. The latter is better suited for beginners. is the version where you get self-hosting and more control over the created site. However, the bottomline is that WP is free to use. So, businesses with low budgets can opt for WP development. While hosting does not come for free, it is possible to keep the WP development cost manageable.
  • Versatility- WordPress as web development is quite versatile. When it was unveiled, it was meant for blogging. However, over the years, it has evolved considerably. It can very well be used to develop a functional and multi-page brand website. It can also be used to create ECommerce sites, eLearning modules, Portfolios, Q&A websites, and more. 
  • Support for diverse media types- Nowadays, businesses need to use diverse media content on their websites for the benefit of the end-users. So, it is essential to pick a website development tool that supports multiple media types. In this regard, WP scores very well. It supports video, images, audio, and documents by default. The majority of common media file formats are supported by the tool. While file formats like SVG are not natively supported, there are some workarounds for that.
  • Thriving online community- With time, the WP platform has become so extensive, and the feature list has become lengthy. The newbie developers may come across issues when using advanced features in the tool. However, the good thing is that the WP online community is there to help. It is composed of veteran WP developers and web development professionals with extensive knowledge of CMS tools. They can guide and offer suitable resources to such developers.

There are so many free and paid resources on WP that developers find useful. These are available in forms like webinars, videos, articles, podcasts, etc. 

  • Ample plugins and themes- WordPress comes with a huge range of themes and plugins. These can be beneficial for brands that want their websites to look stunning. The plugins are useful in boosting the functionality of such websites. The price of the plugins varies widely. They are used for needs like security level boosting, easing the checkout process, enhancing SEO, enhancing accounting features, optimizing images, etc. 
  • Easy to manage- For businesses that want websites with minimal maintenance needs, choosing WP makes sense. In WP, maintaining a website is hassle-free in most instances. In WP, Security and site backups can be handled by using suitable plugins. The site owner only needs to update the plugins manually-which is quite simple. It is not necessary to delve into coding for WP site maintenance, in general. 
  • Good for SEO- A business website should be SEO optimized, regardless of size and niche. The good thing about WP is it is by default optimized for SEO-friendly site creation. For example, WordPress generates meta descriptions and title tags automatically for all pages in a website. This helps in enhancing indexing. Of course, there are many SEO plugins, including the widely used and popular Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Absolute control over the website- Most website builders make the task of creating websites simple and devoid of hassles. The tools like Magento and Joomla, or Squarespace make website development a breeze. However, these tools limit the amount of control you may have over the site. You are stuck with the hosting provider and code adjustment. The majority of tools are offered as SaaS models. 

In WP, website owners get full control over the site and its contents. With WP, you actually own the files. You can customize everything, including code, menus, logos, fonts, colors, themes. Even the WP themes are equipped with customization modules. If you want to edit anything else in a WP site, use the WordPress dashboard.

  • The blogging advantage matters- WordPress was originally conceived as a blogging platform, and that factor is still there. The reality is many brands set up their own blog sites along with the main site. When WP is used, this can be done in a jiffy. Setting up commenting capabilities and RSS / email subscriptions for the blog site is a cakewalk.
  • Development speed- WordPress is simple to set up, and setting up a WP site and getting it running does not take much time. This can be beneficial for brands that want their new sites ready within a short time span. 

Are Big Brands And Companies Using Wordpress Nowadays?

There is a section of business owners who still feel skeptical about the usefulness of WP for developing fully-fledged business websites. However, the reality is several high-profile technology giants and MNCs have chosen WP for developing their sites. Some of the prominent examples are brands like Toyota, The Tribune Media Group, TechCrunch, Vogue, BBC America, Sony Music, Disney, and The Chicago Sun-Times. You have to hire wordpress developer with a reputation and vast clientele to get a stunning website developed. 

What about the Associated Costs of Using WP?

WordPress web development costs may go up based on what additional components and services you choose to use. There are plenty of free and paid plugins and themes. The hosting charge also varies from one agency to another. To keep development costs within control, it is necessary to set a budget at the beginning. Before buying a plugin, it is prudent to check its reviews. A WordPress web development company can offer guidance on this aspect. 

Summing it up

WordPress is a capable and versatile web development platform that has evolved a lot over the years. It is simple to use, and customization options are amazing. Finding capable WP developers is not hard, and you can locate a custom WordPress company in your region too. If you want a reliable solution for developing cutting-edge and feature-laden WP websites, count on the services of Imenso software. 

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