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Nov 01 2021 Abhishek Jain

Why To Choose WordPress Over Any Other Available CMSs?

Designing websites used to be a complex task a decade back when developers and programmers resorted to extensive hand-coding, and it used to be a time-intensive process too. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can pick from so many web design tools and frameworks using which you can develop stunning and functional websites without knowing to code at all! The CMS tools, in particular, are being chosen by those who need to set up websites but lack expertise in web design technologies and programming languages. WordPress is one of the popular CMS tools, and it is used extensively for web design.

WordPress - A very popular CMS

There are many popular CMS tools that you can pick from web design these days. However, WordPress is among the leading contenders, and it continues to reign in the CMS sector despite the arrival of several rivals. This free, open-source CMS is powered by PHP, and it has been used by nearly all types of entities for website creation needs. Initially used for making blogs, WP is now used for making almost all types of websites, including fully functional e-commerce websites. To extract the most out of the CMS, you have to hire a veteran WordPress web development company.

Why Choose WordPress over the other CMS tools?

The majority of CMS tools are preferred for their ease of use and flexibility by the developers and business owners. The minimal learning curve has made these web design tools so popular. However, WP is preferred a lot over the other CMS solutions. Its market share in the CMs sector is much higher than that of its rivals. 

There are some reasons for both businesses and developers opting for WP over the other players. These are:

  • An old-time player and so reliable- WP was unveiled back in 2003 when there were not many options in the CMS arena. It has become more powerful and feature-laden over the years. The platform is well known and reliable. When you choose WP for web development, there is no need to think of issues like stability, support and security. 
  • An extensive list of plugins- Not every business owner requiring a website has similar needs. A web design tool should offer enough flexibility for the developers so that they can add new features and make the website suited for the end-users. In this regard, WP is hard to beat. It supports several thousand plugins. With these plugins, developers can add ample functionality to websites developed by them. There are plugins for enhancing SEO ranking, security boost, media element usage, mail service integration and many more.
  • Impressive themes- No matter what tool you used to design a website, it has to be visually enticing to woo target users. A website without an appealing UI and homepage is sure to repel a section of prospective buyers and users. WP comes with an impressive collection of themes. You can pick from paid and free themes as per your budget. The themes can then be tweaked. There are enough themes for designing personal and commercial websites of varying types. 
  • Extensive community support- WordPress has been in the CMS arena for One and a half decades, and so its online community support is impressive. There are several thousand WP developers, and you can find them in so many online support forums and communities. They also have groups on popular social media platforms. So, developers working with WP can be assured of getting support, no matter what the issue is. The best part is most of this support is obtained free of cost. You can also gain from immense online resources on WP.
  • Security- With each version release, the security level in WP has been stepped up, and loopholes have been fixed to a large extent. While WP websites have often been targeted by hackers, the issue lies more with using lesser-known plugins than with the core CMS. Moreover, it is possible to enhance the security of a WP based website using security plugins. In this regard, the expertise of a veteran WordPress website development company will be necessary.
  • Good for SEO- Sure, you can hire an SEO agency for enhancing the ranking of your company website after getting it developed; however, wouldn't it be nice if the website is developed using a tool that is SEO friendly by nature! It is made with clean coding, which the search engine crawlers prefer, to begin with. It lets you use semantic markups. You can use unique meta tag keywords for every post and page. This helps in enhancing the ranking of your website. You can also make use of the Yoast SEO plugin and similar plugins made for WP. 
  • Inbuilt blog module- WP started its journey all those years back as a blogging platform, and even now, it ships with an inbuilt blog module. That can be useful for many companies. Nowadays, many brands, including e-commerce giants, keep a blog section on their websites. These blogs are useful for target buyers who like to do adequate research before ordering things online. That is another reason WP is preferred over other CMS platforms. 
  • Easy and fast development- Sometimes, you have to get a website ready, but the time constraint proves to be a hurdle. If you are not well versed in coding and web programming, using a CMS like WP makes sense. It can be downloaded and installed in a very short time, and the setup process is simplified. You also get access to ample documentation for website setup and customization. Updating the tool is also easy. 
  • Easy integration- Nowadays, integrating various online services and social media services with websites has become a prime need for businesses. WP lets you integrate various online services and social media services with ease. A reputed WordPress development company can help you out in this regard. 

Summing it up

There are so many reasons for choosing WP over competing CMS platforms for web development. WP is easy to learn and use, is Open Source and enjoys the support of a huge online community. If these are not compelling enough, you have to think of the amazing range of plugins and themes and the SEO friendliness of the tool. The ease of usage and speedy setup also works in its favour. However, to make sure you get the right experience, hire WordPress developer with considerable experience and an impressive clientele.

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