Where business Buyers and Sellers meet, connect and trade around the world.

Accelerate Your Buying and Selling Process

TraDove targets and eliminates the pain points for business Buyers and Sellers — purchasing urgency, unaligned buying & selling processes, lack of communication & transparency, dealing with the right supplier, and more!
Build your organization a branded private network or community portal for FREE. Utilize advanced networking tools to enhance communication, promote your products and services, and optimize your most important projects. Switch over to TraDove's public social network to collaborate and connect with over 250,000 of the best-suited Buyers and Sellers around the world, all endorsed and reviewed by verified business partners. Let TraDove help you find new markets and conduct simple, secure trades with our own B2B Blockchain Payment Solution!


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What People Are Saying

This Social Network platform will be very helpful for my company, sometimes I give technical support to sales team and other times I am searching for new contacts and news updates to develop new products.

Mireya Rivas

Minsa Corporation - México

I am currently looking to enter into corporate buying planning. I know that being apart of this network will undoubtedly help me.

Amanda Bray

Barnes & Noble - United States

I really like that TraDove, a top-tier B2B company, brings businesspeople together — buyers and sellers together — helps them find each other quickly and credibly, share knowledge and opportunity. What TraDove is doing also makes B2B to be more transparent and trustworthy.

Mike Honda

Retired US Congressman

I was so impressed with the concept because … vetting customers, especially when they are thousands of miles away, is not exactly easy. So when I met Kent and he had this company TraDove … it seemed to me that this is, frankly, one way and maybe the only way of solving this significant business problem.

Richard Rosenberg

Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America

A great site to use to help business partners build strong connections.

Wilson Yin

IKEA - China

  • Get matched and find customers around the world.

  • Your ads will appear on relevant buyers’ profiles using our precision advertising platform.

  • Get alerts when buyers post relevant supply or purchase needs.

  • Identify new suppliers and vendors using the power of global b2b networking.

  • Improve vendor management with existing suppliers.

  • Increase your foreign trade and market intelligence through updates about companies that provide products or services.


Blockchain-based Payment for International Trade

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